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Randall Bowden, Ph.D.
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Chasing Echoes
By Randall Bowden
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Chasing Echoes is a satirical yet charming look at the fictional beach town of Brookside and its quirky residents. Davas, the main character, is a bright and talented journalist, although at times he exhibits behavior portrayed as a bit odd. He often finds himself caught between his personal and professional aspirations and the buffoonery treatment he encounters with erratic bosses, capricious acquaintances, bizarre community dignitaries, and peculiar personalities.

Frequently, Davas struggles at the hands of overbearing, pompous and often rude characters. It takes its toll on his good-natured outlook on life to a point of despair. Yet along his journey, he encounters the wonders of close friends, such as "Em" who is a fragile but misplaced soul with the best of intentions--and the worst of instincts. She's completely sympathetic, and entirely lovable.

Davas experiences life events that are ridiculously hilarious and soul searchingly sobering. This book takes readers on a journey--magical, miraculous, and unexpected--from tea stains on Polo shirts to upturned martini glasses to snooty brunches to Epicurean delights to shifty corporations to circus musings. It embraces sparkling wit and biting humor to convey the struggles of Davas through his various employment and life adventures, as he exemplifies the "Everyperson" with a heart of gold who just can't seem to catch a break. Each delightful character is shown, flawed, warts and all, and yet the story unveils a tremendous ring of hope, sincerity, and promise as Davas attempts to come to grips with the perilous challenges he faces in this big, bad human race.