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Randall Bowden, Ph.D.
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  • Ph.D., University of Denver
  • M.A.,  University of Colorado
  • B.A.,   Colorado Christian College


  • Associate Professor of Teaching & Learning for Higher Education Administration
  • Associate Dean
  • Assistant Professor of Management
  • Dean/Executive Director
  • Manager, Marketing and Business Development
  • General Manager
  • Project Manager



Sample Research Publications/Presentations

  • Institutional Advancement Activities at Select Hispanic Serving Institutions: The Politics of Fund Raising.  Journal of Hispanic Higher Education.
  • Business Education: A View of US and European Management Styles.  European Applied Business Conference proceedings. Venice, Italy.
  • The "Art" in the Art and Science of Organization Development. Organization Development Journal.
  • State Lotteries: Their Impact on Equal Access to Higher Education. Journal of Hispanic Higher Education.
  • Measuring Organizational Effectiveness: The Role of the "Organizational Community Index." International Business & Economics Research Journal.

Public Speaking Engagements

  • University Commencement Key Note, Florida
  • Leadership Goals, Texas
  • Valued Added Graduate Programs, Antwerp, Belgium
  • Corporate Training, Texas for Taiwanese delegation
  • What is Leadership?, Texas
  • Service Tribute, Colorado
  • Motivating Buyers, Colorado
  • Speaking Clearly, Colorado
  • Leaving a Legacy, Colorado




  • Court Decisions and Administrative Decision Making in Academia. Academy for the Studies in Business Law Journal.
  • Factors in the Descision to Hold a Quinceanera. International Textile and Appearal Association Conference.
  • Managing Conflict: The Development of the Conflict Tension Reduction Model. International Business and Economic Research Conference.
  • Making the Transition to a Participative Corporate Culture: Link between Business Philosophy and Organizational Community. 16th National Conference on Undergraduate Research.