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Announcing a
with a Refreshing Message
from PublishAmerica 
Chasing Echoes
By Randall Bowden
NOW AVAILABLE for $16.95
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A satirical yet charming look
at the fictional beach town of Brookside
and its quirky residents.


"I thoroughly enjoyed your sense of humor, wit, and subtle sarcasm, which was evident on every page. Some passages had me laughing outloud, high praise indeed for someone who makes their living reading thousands of words a day." 

-Rusty Fischer, Editor-


(Rusty has written over thirty books for such reputable publishers as McGraw-Hill, Lebhar-Friedman Books, Mason Crest Publishers and Frank Schaffer Publications.)



Chasing Echoes

By Randall Bowden



from PublishAmerica. 

search for Chasing Echoes

ISBN 1-4137-3031-0





Hey Dr. B,   I’m about one third of the way through an exceptional new book. It’s kinda weird, funny, interesting, compelling, wildly all over the place, yet highly focused, and thoroughly enjoyable. Much like the author… J



This is a very funny book, with dialogue that cracks me up. Great vacation reading or gift for someone with an irreverent sense of humor.



You’re in no danger of me asking for a refund! I love it!



 This is a really funny book, especially the names and the dialogue.



 Chasing Echoes is a Hit and a Hoot!



 A fascinating, funny, and compelling character study. Follow the life of Davas as he stumbles through life in Brookside. Meet the people that you run into everyday; Mr. C. Knyles (the "K" is silent), the man trying to tell you the same story he has been trying to tell you for years now. He never will get to the point.  Relax with a cup of herb tea, as your far out waitresses, April Showers and Mae Flowers pad softly in their earth shoes across the natural, worn wood floors. Perhaps see a bit of yourself as one attending the meeting of the CRAP group - Concerned Residents that Abhor Pandemonium. Dr. Randall Bowden's first work of fiction is hilarious, compelling, all over the place, yet tightly focused.  He has captured a slice of everyone's life and put it on the table for examination.

Life is OK... crazy, but OK.


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